by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 22, 2016

15 Minute Morning Workout to Get Your Blood Pumping

Exercising keeps you in shape physically and mentally as well as prevent and reduce risks of many diseases. Exercise helps with anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression. It offers great mental and social benefits as well, you become a part of a community with like minded people who are striving to do what’s best for them. Exercise in the mornings  jump-starts your metabolism, and keeps you burning calories at a higher rate all day.

Even this quick, 15 minute workout can do wonders so give it a try!


Full Body Fat Burning Workout in 15 minutes for Beginners

15 Bodyweight Squats

5 Forward Lunges each leg

15 Second Plank

5 Pushups

10 Reverse Crunches


Repeat 5  times total for 15 mintues for a full body workout


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Intense Full Body Treadmill Workouts

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Intense Full Body Treadmill Workouts

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Exercises to Help Maintain that Curvy Figure

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