by The Fit Girl Reporter on
December 23, 2016

No Squats Required Butt Shaping Workouts

Squats are great for enhancing your lady curves. Although extremely effective, they aren’t the only moves to grow your glutes. Grab yourself a mat, put the weights to the side and build your booty without squats. With incorrect form, squats can put pressure on your lower back. Reduce the burden and prevent hitting a fitness plateau with these workouts.


Workout 1


Workout 2

For this workout, grab a resistance band for a tight behind.


Workout 3

Grab yourself a stability ball and tone your butt with this routine.

All of these exercises are great for your lower body without having to squat. So, for this time around, put the weights to the side and dust off your mat.

Lunges can also give you a more sculpted tush so check out the different types of lunges and their benefits!

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