by The Fit Girl Reporter on
December 21, 2016

Perfect Christmas Themed Mocktails

We salute all of you designated drivers over the festive season. It’s not easy to pour a glass of wine and sniff its woody-aged reds without salivating. But if you’re watching your intake or just want to tame how you behave in front of the in-laws, here are some non-alcoholic drinks for over Christmas.

Note: These taste great so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.


Mocktails and Soft Drinks For Christmas

Just one sip of alcohol can teleport you into a party realm. Suddenly, everyone is living like it’s Friday at 5pm and strangers become your friend. But alcohol isn’t always your bestie: some can become an embarrassing relic and have a thumping hangover the next day. Lame.

Don’t rely on alcohol to make your night. Embrace that tomorrow morning you’ll wake up refreshed and holy (and remember what happened the night before).

Give these delectable drinks a try.


Nutella Martini




Rudolph’s Juice




Pomegranate Snowflakes




Santa’s Sleigh




Bottoms up! Merry Christmas everyone.

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