by The Fit Girl Reporter on
December 26, 2016

Change up Pilates with Some Weights!

Pilates is seriously underestimated for its skill to help you tone up and become stronger. Plus, it’s kind on your back and joints!

Without proper form, squats and lunges can wreak havoc on your knee joints and lower back. In these exercises, we’ve kept the kindness of Pilates but added weights to help you increase muscle mass.


Advanced Pilates

All of these exercises have been designed to be kind of your lower back and even strengthen it, whilst toning up the lower and upper body.

Always begin your workout with an adequate stretch and finish with a 5-10-minute cool down. Use dumbbells of at least 5 pounds in total to increase intensity and burn more calories!


Workout 1


Workout 2


You can try all of these moves without weights to begin with and as you get more advanced and comfortable with the moves, try increasing the weight or reps to challenge yourself.


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