by The Fit Girl Reporter on
June 10, 2016

4 Super Chic Ways to Style Your Yoga Pants

Activewear is still very popular, which means it is easier than ever to find stylish workout clothes. But how do you style your yoga pants to not look like your going to the gym? The Fit Girl has got 3 ways to look chic in your yoga pants…





That not so 80’s Chick 

Remember those 80’s workout videos where the women are wearing bright colored bodysuits and neon leggings? Well bodysuits are in again and are available to many different colors and prints. You can put a modern twist on the 80’s look by wearing your favorite bodysuit under your yoga pants. I love to pair my black and white stripped bodysuit with my Nike leggings, black Nike Thea premiums and a navy blue athletic jacket for a minimal and sleek look.


Geometric Princess 

For a more dimensional look, opt for leggings with a geometric design. You can have fun with colors but make sure not to over do this one because having a bold pattern coupled with a lot of color can get too overwhelming. Your geometric tights can be worn with a matching sports bra and a neutral jacket to balance out the colors.


Fitness Rocker 

Don’t think a rocker chick can rock the yoga pant? Think again! All you need is high-rise leggings, converse, a graphic t-shirt and a denim or leather jacket.


Business Fitness 

Having a business meeting and thinking of going to the gym right after? Simple black leggings with tucked in tank, a blazer, and heels look chic and business casual.

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