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September 6, 2016

Anyone Can Do These Butt Shaping Workouts

Big booties are in this season! Squats seem to be the hottest workout trend lately. We love a shapely behind here at The Fit Girl and squats aren’t the only way to do them. Here are our favorite exercises to lift your cheeks and firm your butt. You can work one into your everyday workout regime or dedicate a day to your booty.


Best Exercises for a Shaped Butt


You’ve heard it a thousand times, but lunges are great for toning the legs and butt. Add some weights to the equation and you’ll feel the burn quicker.

Aim for 12 reps on each leg and repeat three times. Depending on your strength, you’ll probably need 6kg-20kg total weight.



Bridges target the gluteus, lower-back and hamstrings to create a look other women will be envious of.

Lying flat on a mat, lift your heels up off the floor so the legs and butt rise. As your lower, hover just above the mat so your muscles never get a rest. By adding a barbell weight on the tops of your legs, you intensify this move. Do three sets of 15 reps.


Leg Lifts

Pilates is infamous for this move because it works your core at the same time. Lying on the floor on one side, check that your hips are fully stacked so you’re not twisted. Now lift the outside leg into the air, whilst not allowing the hips to rock forwards or backwards. When coming down, don’t let gravity do the work.

Using a resistance band will really target the outside butt muscles. It’s a killer!



This is typically performed on all fours, but lowering to your elbows makes it harder.

Position yourself on the squidgy part of your knees, so you’re not putting pressure on your joints. Lift one bent leg up to the ceiling. Keep your foot flat as if you were balancing a book on it. Squeeze at the top and slowly lower. Be careful not to dip the back, or push too high that you put strain on it.

Add a dumbbell to the back of your knees to step up your fitness game. Repeat this 15 times, with three sets.

Achieving perk, round cheeks isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Get your butt in gear and you’ll soon see and feel the benefits.


Also make sure you’re doing your squats correctly by checking out our article on the Different Types of Squats and How to Do Them!

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