by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 9, 2016

Being Fit With Your Teen

Want to work out and get in shape, but don’t have anyone to do it with? Why not turn to your own teenage son or daughter? Chances are, they are obsessed with exercising, participating in all sorts of sports in their school team. If they’re slacking however, now is a good opportunity for the both of you to get into shape together. Here are some workout ideas that you can do with your teen, in addition to spending quality time with them. Pretty soon, both of you will be fit, happy, and even closer!


Beach Runs Together

If your teen is a soccer player or does track and field, then it is guaranteed that they spend a lot of time running. Make your family weekends fun by going out on a run with them, whether to the beach, the trails near your home, or even in the school’s track and field stadium. Make it a competition for both of you, seeing who is first at the finish line. doing something they like together is a great opportunity to talk to your teen about school and social lives.

On the contrary, if you or your teen hates running, then both of you can choose to take long walks or bike rides together, whether along the beach strand or at the park. Nothing beats a pleasant scenic view than a bike ride!


Hit the Gym Together

Have a hard time waking up your teenager early in the morning? Can’t get up early yourself? Keep each other in check by waking each other up to hit the gym by 7 o’clock, thus kick starting your day. Not only can you spot each other with the weights at the gym, but also you have someone to pass the time with while working hard on the treadmill or on core workouts for the arms, abs, and chest.

However, if mornings do not work for either of you, make a plan to head to the gym later in the day- perhaps in the afternoon or early evening. That way, you can still get a workout in, without the hassle of having to pull yourself out of bed!


Play Sports Together

Whether it is basketball, soccer, tennis, or even Ultimate Frisbee, a one-on-one friendly competition can’t hurt. Even if one or both of you are not the best at sports, playing together helps improve your skills through hand-eye coordination, even teamwork.

Even better, grab other family members and friends for a full-on match! Have someone keep score, and start playing!


Practice Yoga Together

Perhaps neither you nor your teen enjoy hot strenuous sports, so why not take up a more relaxing exercise like yoga or Pilates? Whether you two decide to do it together with a fitness DVD at home or sign up for a class at the gym, practicing yoga and/or Pilates not only will strengthen your core, body, and mind, but it will also strengthen your relationship with your teen, as the two of you will be spending time with each other.


With all of these workout suggestions in mind, there is no more excuse not to get fit and healthy, while also improving your interpersonal relationship with your child!


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