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June 2, 2016

Best Fitness Apps of 2016

Fitness apps can really help you along your journey if used correctly and efficiently. We picked out our favorite apps from the list by of the top fitness apps for whatever you’re looking to do!

Weight loss

Nike+ Training Club Explains how-to execute each exercise with how-to videos that are tailored to your fitness goals.

NexTrack: Exercise and weight loss tracker Tracks your fitness progress, no matter what you’re doing. Also gives you points which you can redeem for fitness prizes and coupons.

Carrot Fit: 7 minute workout, step counter and weight tracker This app will use any means possible to get you motivated, even through insults.The motivator features a “7 minutes in hell” workout that will require you to do 30 seconds of 12 punishing exercises.

Argus: Calorie Counter and Activity Tracker for Heart Healthy Living Argus monitores not only calories (by scanning a barcode) but also your sleep and heart rate. Also comes with an option to build your own workout plan.

Fitocracy This is for the fitness expert. It allows you to set and track your goals through a leveling system and achievements which you can share through the app or social media.



Spring Running Music: Walking and Run Coach Detects your steps per minute and sets a musical beat to it! Just start moving, and there are over 50 stations to choose from.

Zombies, Run! This apocalyptic app is totally fun and interactive, requiring you to retrieve crucial supplies for survival. Keeps track of your distance and your progression through the story (while also allowing you to listen to music).

Charity Miles Now you can run and make a difference. For every mile you run the app will donate 25 cents to a charity of your choosing.



Daily Yoga This app is perfect for beginners with a library of different poses and exercise routines.

Pocket Yoga Pocket Yoga contains over 200 illustrated poses and detailed instructions. The app will allow you to preview programs and tracks your progress.

FitStar Yoga A  personalized trainer that gauges your fitness level to adjust the difficulty of the yoga program. Each session has a HD videos, as well as audio support. The app integrates with Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal, and you can track your progress with achievements


Strength Training

Gym Book: Strength Training Planner Gym Book tracks your strength workouts. You can make your own routines, but the app displays  GIFs of 50 existing exercises and how they affect the different muscle groups.

Pumping Weight This app has a well-designed interface and clear instructions for targeting specific muscle groups using a variety of everyday exercises. The app will ensure you switch up your exercise routine and even tracks your weight, body fat, and BMI.

Strong Lifts 5×5 Want to gain muscle and loose weight? This app is for you, but it may be too intense for inexperienced lifters. The app coaches you through three 45 minute workouts a week, focusing on the largest muscles in your body for optimal effect.

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