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April 6, 2016

Breaking It Down: A New Workout Move for Each Month

It’s still pretty early in the new year and you, like millions of Americans, might be trying to get healthy, lose weight, and get in shape. Many people start off in good spirits, but lose steam by the end of January. If you’re thinking about giving up, consider breaking down your workout regimen into individual exercise moves, one for each month. Not only will it be more manageable, but it will also make the workout less structured and more varied—in other words, less repetitive and boring.

Here are our twelve picks, one for each month. From yoga poses to high-intensity sweat inducers, we have your whole year of exercise covered. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!


January: Squats

Want to lose that extra stuffing from Christmas? Doing squats not only tones your butt, but also works out the quadriceps and back. Feel free to start off at home before progressing to weight racks at the gym.


February: Tricep Dips

Tone your arms with this easy, but effective move. All you need is a leveled surface (e.g. bench, bed frame, etc.) and some motivation to get your triceps working! Start off with a few sets of short reps before increasing the amount of sets.


March: Planks

A super easy way to tone your abs, planks require only a yoga mat to make it happen. If you are just beginning, start by holding the position for thirty seconds to a minute before increasing the time.

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April: Wall-Sits

Also known as the “electric chair” exercise, wall sits are a great way for you to work the quadriceps by using little equipment. Time yourself for a minute, then continue adding the minutes as you begin to build resistance over time.


May: Mountain Climbers

While not exactly climbing a mountain, mountain climbers nevertheless offer a full-body workout that will leave you feeling exhausted, but satisfied. Add this simple move to any CrossFit workout to build up muscle!


 June: Burpees

Consisting of multiple moves, burpees are a great way to tone your body while also boosting your cardio. Start with less, but do several reps (five to ten), and then slowly work yourself up to doing more.

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July: Russian Twists

Get ready for the summer by looking great! Russian twists firm up your abs while also working out your sides. Start by using just your body to “twist” from side to side. As it becomes easier, challenge yourself with a medicine ball.


August: Box Jumps

Categorized as plyometric, box jumps offer short, intense bursts of movement that will activate fast-twitch muscles, especially in the quadriceps. Begin with a lower box with only few reps before progressing to a higher box and more sets.


September: Pull Ups

While seemingly difficult, pull ups are nevertheless an excellent way for you to work out your entire upper body, from arms to back to even the pectorals. Even if you only able to do a few on your first try, training often will help build resistance for more reps in the future.

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October: Calf Raises

Pretend that you’re standing on your tip toes with this easy, but burn-inducing workout. Pretty soon, you’ll be able climb hills without a sweat or just to reach for that top shelf cabinet at home.

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November: The Side Kick

Get your hip flexors in shape with this simple, but effective move. Seen in many martial arts exercises, the side kick is also a great way to keep your hips flexible while also targeting your glutes and legs.


 December: Deadlifts

Finish off your year strong by doing deadlifts. They are ideal for working out your back, which helps improve posture. Not only that, but they also engage arm muscles that can help with real-life lifting as well (e.g. lifting groceries, heavy objects, etc.).


Taking your workout one move at a time is sure to keep you fit throughout the entire year. You’ll feel accomplished knowing that you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution for the entire year


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