by The Fit Girl Reporter on
October 31, 2016

Build Muscle Without the Super Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights can sometimes put strain on joints and it isn’t always some people’s ideal type of training.

Gaining muscle will boost your metabolism and give you an athletic frame. So here are some ways to increase your muscle mass without lifting heavy weights.


How To Build Muscle Mass

Let’s firstly clarify that you need to be lifting a weight which challenges you and makes you break a sweat. Opting for too light of a weight won’t push you as hard.


Increase The Speed Of Your Moves

Let’s say you can comfortably squat with 40 pounds – not too much that it kills after three reps, but enough to turn up the heat.

With each movement, give it 100% effort. Drop down low and shoot back up with as much power as your previous rep. Performing your usual exercises 15 seconds quicker can make a big difference to your training.


Do More Repetitions

If you ordinarily do eight reps, push for another one or two. Alternatively, you can add another set, so instead of three, stay strong for another round.

Make the routine more difficult by reducing your rest time by five seconds. It might not sound like much of a reduction, but you’ll have to really work for the next set.

Using a proper amount of resistance to make you shove and a strong dedication to force your muscles to work harder will encourage growth to repair the torn tissues during exercise.


Perform Explosive HIT Exercises

You need to be mixing up your moves to reap your muscle expansion. For example, 10 usual squats won’t quite cut it. But explosive moves which require more effort, such as 10 pulse squats will.

If you want to bulk up, then you should be experimenting with different movements, rather than repeating them each time you hit the gym.


You will only see a big difference in your body if you feel the burn whilst exercising and don’t half-heartedly exercise, but persevere. Create a fitness diary and increase your reps, even by just one per time.


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