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April 26, 2016

Build Sexy Arms by Summer through Yoga

Spring is here, and you are just coming out from the winter routine of eating junk food, watching television, and otherwise hibernating from the cold. With the weather warming up, it comes as no surprise that summer is just around the corner. With your New Year’s resolutions to get in shape this year, it is never too late to get started. Get a head start this spring season with some yoga, which not only shapes your mental health, but also tones your body- especially your arms! In this article, we offer you some yoga moves and sequences that will guarantee sexy arms by this summer- from beginners to experts, we have you covered! Grab a mat, and let’s get started.

Sequence 1

Begin in the downward facing dog position (on your hands and feet, shift your lower body weight upward, straightening your arms in the process). Hold for three to five breaths. Shift your body weight over to a plank position, making sure that your back is straight and flat. Repeat the hold. Next, bend your elbows and lower yourself into a push-up position, a move known as “chaturanga.” Repeat hold. Finish by dropping your upper body to the mat and curving your spin inward into a dolphin pose (also known as the upward dog). Repeat the sequence three to five times, slowly building up resistance over time.

Sequence 2

An alternative to Sequence 1, this particular sequence will not just tone your arms, but it will also strength your core muscles (abdomen, sides).

Start by getting into the downward facing dog position again, holding for up to five breaths (ten, if more advanced). Shift once more into a plank position before switching over to a side plank (turn onto your side, shifting your body weight to one arm and raising the other arm in the air). Hold for five breaths, and shift to the other side. Return both hands to the mat and lower yourself again into the chaturanga position. Finish with the upward dog position. Repeat the sequence three to five times.

Sequence 3

For more advanced yogis, this sequence will challenge you: each move requires using all of the muscles in your arms, as well as some in your core and leg muscles. Take it slowly, and soon you will be able to master it.

Once more, begin in the downward facing dog position, this time holding up to ten breaths. Shift your weight to a one-arm plank position, in which you raise one of your arms forward and parallel to the surface, while also keeping your back flat and straight. Repeat hold, and switch arms. Place both hands on the mat, and lower yourself into the chaturanga pose. Afterwards, get into a side plank with toe hold position, in which you perform the traditional side plank, but holding onto the big toe on the leg that is raised in the air (an excellent move to improve balance). Hold for five breaths before switching sides. On both hands again, twist your body backwards into an inverted plank position, in which your back is facing the floor. Slowly bend your elbows into a triceps dip, and return to resting position.

Give these sequences a try, as they work out areas like your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back. In no time, your body will be ready for the summer!


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