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February 26, 2016

Building Your Freeletics Workouts

If you’ve been doing yoga and Crossfit for a while now, you might be starting to get bored of them. Spice up your usual workout routine by taking part in Freeletics. First started in 2012 by a Munich-based fitness startup, Freeletics has become a popular workout for many individuals who aspire to get in shape. Similar to Crossfit, Freeletics uses short, high-intensity strength conditioning as its model, but without any weights or machines. Without using any equipment, this distinctive workout can be done at home, whether by yourself or with friends.


No matter what level of fitness you’re at—novice or professional—Freeletics will be sure to make your exercise regimen worthwhile. Here are three workouts to get you started.


For Beginners:

Trying Freeletics for the first time? Slowly ease into the routine by performing this shortened version of the full-on workout:



Repeat for four sets, five days a week for a month, or until you build up strength to move on to more workouts. Easing into your routines will prevent you from getting overworked and will keep you motivated to reach the next level of fitness.


(Workout taken from


For Intermediate Levels:

Now that you have mastered the beginners’ workout, it’s time to take it up a notch. Not only will you add new moves to your workout regimen, but you will also increase the number of reps for each one:



Repeat for five sets, adding lunges and mountain climbers into the workout if you want an extra challenge. Perform this three times a week, and feel your body strengthen extremely quickly.


For Advanced Levels:

Ready for the full-on Freeletics experience? This one will work up a sweat and get you pumped in under 45 minutes:



Repeat for three sets, two to three times a week. Let your body reap the benefits, feeling fit and filled with energy.


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