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October 26, 2016

Different Types Of Lunges, How to Do Them and Their Benefits

In our fitness bibles reads lunges. Most girls mix up their cardio with these babies because they’re adaptable to any fitness journey and tone up the lower body too.

But don’t be sheepish to other people in the gym. In order to see real results, you need to know the different types of lunges and their benefits.


Variations of Lunges


Side Lunge

Keep one leg bent and stretch the other leg to the side, keeping it straight. Both feet should be pointing forward in the same direction as the knees.

You’ll feel this in the inner thighs and butt.


Curtsy Lunge

Start by standing and stride one leg out wide behind the other and bend. The key here is to take the bent leg as far out to the side as possible, whilst not letting the knees come over the toes.

Add weights to feel the burn, but otherwise, you’ll target the glutes, thighs and hips.


Forward Lunge On A Step

This is your typical lunge with one leg forward whilst lowering into a squat. However, take the back leg and put it on a step to increase the intensity. From here, you can perform some gentle pulses and squeeze back up.

This targets the hamstrings and glutes.


Reverse Lunge and Lift

Instead of putting the leg forward, take it back and bend. As an alternative to pulses or switching legs, bring the back one up into a kick back. Don’t bring the leg up too high or you could hurt your back. Pulses work best.

This challenges your stability, whilst working the legs and glutes.


Jump Lunges

In a forward lunge stance, quickly shift legs by jumping from one position to another. The higher you jump and lower you land the harder you’ll be working.

This gets the heart rate up and targets the legs. Throw in some arm movements to target the upper body too.


As with all of these lunge moves, work at your own pace, and more importantly, never allow the knees to come over the toes. Keep the back straight and suck in your belly button to support your back and keep the core engaged.


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