by The Fit Girl Reporter on
July 29, 2016

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Dehydration

You hear “drink more water” all the time, but do you actually do it? The human body is approximately 60% water and we’re constantly loosing water through urination and sweat. If we don’t replenish the water in our body, then it goes into dehydration mode.

There are salts and sugars in our body that need to be balanced out by water. We all know the feeling of eating something super sweet and not having water or milk to wash it down. The body acts the same way. If we don’t drink enough water, the way our body functions will be altered.

Signs of Dehydration

Foods that cause Dehydration

Water allows your kidneys to function properly, filtering through toxins in your body. This is why people who are dehydrated often experience constipation, the kidneys are not working correctly. As you can see high protein intake also causes dehydration so if you are on a high protein diet or eating protein for muscle repair, drink lots of water.

The amount of water intake your body needs depends on your body size and weight, activity level, and where you live. This can be difficult to calculate (take 60% of your body weight) but there are methods to help your body stay hydrated. Don’t overthink it either, if you are a bigger person or live somewhere hot, you will need more water than someone who is petite and lives somewhere cold. Half a gallon, or eight-8 ounce glasses is the average amount.

There are water bottles you can carry with you on the go so you’ll know how much to drink. Also, while at the office keep a glass of water at your desk as a constant reminder to drink. I try to always have water with me, whether it be for a long drive or it’s just a hot day. Being dehydrated is not fun and takes a toll on your body.

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