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May 10, 2016

Dreams Don’t Have An Expiration Date

Remember when you were a kid and had dreams of being an astronaut, a professional athlete, or a doctor? Unfortunately, as an adult, the reality of 9-to-5 work shifts, paying bills, and other responsibilities not only has made you miss the simple days of dreaming, but even worse, it has made you disillusioned. Perhaps you think that it is too late to make your dreams as a kid come true, especially when there’s no time and that you’re getting older. You want to give up; hope seems to be nothing but a false sense of reality.

However, all of that is not true. Dreams are real, if you choose to believe in them. Much of our goals and aspirations are made into reality by choice, and so if you do not have confidence in your dreams, then they might as well not exist. Dreams should never have an expiration date, and so in this article, we offer you ways to make your ambitions happen in real life. From wanting to run a marathon or travel the world, here are a few, simple steps to help you achieve your dreams.

Start small

Achieving dreams do not happen overnight; in fact, many people (celebrities, athletes, business moguls) mostly have humble beginnings, whether working as a waitress or being an unpaid intern in a start-up company. Knowing and accepting your humble roots will help inspire you and through that can you start taking small steps towards your dreams.

For instance, you would like to visit countries all over the world, but don’t have the money or time to do so. Start by saving up money from work by living frugally (that means going out less to bars and restaurants for dinner!). Once you have a substantial amount saved up, you can begin planning your first destination on your trip. Having the passion to research and budget greatly helps you reach your dreams; pretty soon, you’ll be on your way to the airport towards your ideal destination!

Practice, practice, practice

Perhaps you would like to run a marathon, but can barely get in three miles in a workout. No dream is made real without practice. Athletes, musicians, and other successful individuals did not get to where they are today without having dedicated hours to their craft- the same applies to you. Just like with our first tip, start small, building endurance to three-mile runs before increasing the mileage over time. Granted, it will take months, even a year, to feel comfortable running long distances, but in the end, your goals—a healthy body and a possible marathon medal—will be worth it.

Learning to forgive yourself

No dream comes without making mistakes. Even when you’re in the process of achieving your aspirations, you’re bound to slip up and be set back. Maybe you would like to have a healthy diet, but find yourself over-indulging in chocolate cake after dinner. Perhaps you want to achieve a personal record in track and field, but sprained your ankle in the process. It is all too easy to beat yourself up for these unfortunate moments, but it is very important to know that life happens, that we are but human with flaws, and that it is best to forgive yourself, move on, and do the best you can next time.

Don’t give up. Be patient

Even if you are working very hard to make your dreams a reality, you might be frustrated when you are not seeing the progress, or that it is slow. It might be tempting just to throw in the towel and abandon all hope, but that is not the best way to go. Giving up just before results happen is at once discouraging and disheartening, which can contribute to a subdued quality of life. Don’t give up, have patience, and over time you will see your goals and aspirations take shape- whether in the next few weeks, few months, or in the years to come.

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