by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 27, 2016

Ease the Day Away with these Stress Fighting Foods

We’re always told not to comfort eat when we’re feeling overwhelmed and hit the gym rather than opening a chocolate bar.

That’s because we’ve lost sight of the purpose of food. It’s for survival and nutrition and as you may have guessed, eating the right foods can reduce stress.


Foods To Eat When Stressed



These babies are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C.


Sweet potatoes

A lot of people enjoy this substitute to normal potatoes. Even better, they satisfy your craving for sugar and carbohydrates when you’re feeling stressed.


Dark chocolate

Chocolate isn’t all bad if you opt for the dark type. A few pieces when you’ve had a bad day or are feeling a little under the weather will uplift you and lower your cortisol levels.



Oranges are a great resource for vitamin C. We’re advised to eat more citrus foods when we have a cold. This is because this vitamin boosts our immune system and reduces blood pressure which can raise during stress.



Not everyone thinks of drinking milk when they’ve had a hard day – more like something stronger. But latest studies have revealed that the protein in this beverage can lower blood pressure.

Milk is high in potassium which can soothe tense muscles.



Most of us don’t eat enough eggs – unless you’re weight training. But the minerals in eggs are capable of lifting our mood and busting stress almost straight away.


Chamomile tea

There’s a reason why this is well-known for its ability to relax people. Many drink it before bed because it’s a natural sedative and helps us to unwind. Pouring yourself a cup of tea rather than a cocktail will soothe you and calm you down.


The majority of us don’t crave the above when we’re stressed, but rather fatty or sugary foods. This is because sugar makes us feel good and when we’re feeling unwell or unhappy, our body senses this and warns us.

Focus on eating and drinking well when you’re tense to avoid bad eating habits.


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