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May 31, 2016

Fitness Myths and Facts

There are a lot of people online claiming that they know a thing or two about health and fitness (about a lot of things actually). But here we’re going to talk about which of these things are actually fitness myths and what the real facts are. It’s important to know the truth because our bodies are important and it’s a waste of time and energy to do something that isn’t even beneficial to you, and some myths can even cause harm if continued.



Myth: The more you sweat the more fat you burn.

Fact: Sweat and fat are not really correlated. Sweat is excreted from sweat glands (sudoriferous/sudoriparous glands) when the body gets too hot. The function of sweat isn’t to burn fat but to maintain body temperature, therefore the weight you loose is actually water weight.


Myth: We control where we want to lose weight on our body.

Fact: You cannot control where you want to lose weight. Why? It’s called genetics. You can decrease fat mass in certain areas by strength training, high intensity cardio, and consuming a healthy diet.


Myth: It’s better to eat before working out

Fact: Your body needs energy for a workout BUT have a meal at least 45 minutes before not after you scarfed down a meal. Your food will be sitting at the thrown on your throat and you don’t want any show and tell to fellow gym members on what you ate before coming into the gym. If you are short on time, a banana or few apple slices with almond butter will do the job.


Myth: If you feel the pain then you’ll see better results

Fact: Pain doesn’t mean fat is burning. You should feel a little discomfort because your muscles are being worked but feeling pain is not normal. If you are feeling pain stop working out the area and if it persists then see your doctor.


Myth: Lifting can make you bulky

Fact: Lifting weights is going to TONE you, not make you look bulky at all. Women don’t have nearly the testosterone as men. And because of that we can never get big and bulky like a man. Heavy weights promote strength not size. Bad food choices can enhance your size.


Running on a treadmill is the same as running outside

Fact: Running outside actually burns more calories than running on a treadmill due to your body having to fight the natural elements. If it’s cold outside your muscles will be working harder stay warm, in turn using up more energy.


Myth: Crunches are the best way to get abs

Fact: Crunches are far from your only option to get great abs. Russian twists, planks, knee raises, etc.   Add resistance or weights to create a stronger core. Diet & genetics play a huge role as well.


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