by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 20, 2016

Five Bad Eating Habits You Need To Kick

We’re all guilty of bad eating habits, which leaves us feeling sluggish and with a belly full of regret. Or there’s the worrier who qualms everything they’re putting into their body.

No matter which category you fit into, most of us can afford to tidy us our eating habits. Here’s how…


Eat More

Instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating and eating less of, shift your focus to eating more of the right foods. Consume more fruit and vegetables and you’ll find that you aren’t craving so much chocolate.


Stop Letting Yourself Get Hungry

When we don’t eat for hours, our blood sugar levels plummet which leaves us more vulnerable to sugar and fat cravings. Eat little every two hours to keep your energy levels up.


You Eat Late At Night

Consuming snacks after 8pm whilst sitting on the sofa watching TV doesn’t work wonders on your body. Have your meal times earlier and if work gets in the way of that, take food with you and eat before your drive home.

Munching at night gives you no time to burn off the extra calories, so you’re more prone to gaining weight and feeling listless.


Food Is Your Saviour, Not A Necessity

Everyone emotional eats from time to time. But it’s evident now that food has become a business and not a necessity in our lives. A meal out with family and friends is the norm, and most of us buy snacks at the movies.

Food has become a habit and our saviour when we’re bored or feeling low. Stop how you think about food and focus more on feeding yourself what your body needs.

You Mindlessly Food Shop

Nourishing our body starts at the supermarket. Research recipe ideas beforehand and buy more fresh vegetables. Stocking up on vitamins will encourage you to eat well, because there’ll be nothing else in.

Buy foods from fresh and prepare meals yourself rather than purchasing pre-made goods; they’re often packed with calories and sugar.

Kick start your healthy eating by being aware which box you fit into. From there you can make changes. It’s never too late to create healthy eating habits.


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