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August 25, 2016

Foodie Getaways: Food Fairs Around The World

Foodies and entrepreneurs all around the world lavish in gourmet meals with flavors only a singular culture could capture. Explore new tastes and support independent companies with these food events.

Here are some worldwide food fairs this year to tickle your taste buds.




Fi South America

Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
When: 23 – 25 August 2016

This food fair offers nutraceutical ingredients, allowing you to source pioneering materials. The company is the number one food source for Latin America.


FoodTech Asia

Where:Lucknow, India
When:1 – 4 September 2016

FoodTech Asia provides dairy and bakery equipment to professionals and is India’s number one provider. Whether you’re looking for packing materials, machines, equipment or ingredients, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


Specialist and Fine Food Fair

Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 4 – 6 September 2016

The Specialist and Fine Food Fair features over 850 exhibitors, where you can find fresh ingredients which are on-trend and expected to be the next best thing.

From beetroot ketchup to elderflower martinis, there’s the opportunity to pick up new spices and flavours, whilst also watching educational demonstrations from professional chefs and experts.


Fine Food Australia

Where: Melbourne, Australia
When: 12 – 15 September 2016

A bespoke fair for businesses looking to innovate, they sell sundries of equipment and ingredients.

Beverages available include: Orange liqueur, hand-crafted vodka, organic spices and powders, vegetable purees and much more.


China Brew China Beverage

Where: Shanghai, China
When: 11 – 14 October 2016

This company are one of China’s leading providers for brews and beverages – including both machines and products.

The range of exhibits includes: Beer and beverage vending equipment, ice cream apparatus, beer preserving and insulation kegs and more. Visitors can also taste beverages for proof of quality.


Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
When: 7 – 9 November 2016

The Seafex food fair is an exhibit for seafood professionals, as the company is the most in demand for seafood. At the food fair, 135 exhibitors from 27 countries will be present, allowing you to dive into new seafood selections including canned, fresh, frozen and everything in-between.

Their clients include: Emirate Airlines, DLH, Jumeirah and others.


Food fairs are continually around the world, but these are undoubtedly the ones we’re most excited about.


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