by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 8, 2016

Foods to Eat and Avoid for Better Digestion

Your digestive system giving you troubles? It is most likely caused by what your eating. The digestive system is a functioning part of your body that needs certain nutrients to work properly. What you eat really does affect all your bodily functions, especially as we get older. Your diet is everything and just a few simple changes can take you from feeling uncomfortable to healthy and happy. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t eat for a better digestive system.


Foods to Avoid

All the foods listed above are empty of nutrients essential to your digestive health. Fried foods contain too much fat and unnecessary calories. Spicy foods, alcohol, soda, and coffee can really hurt your intestinal lining because they are acidic.


Foods to Enjoy

The food listed above contain vital nutrients and enzyms that your digestive system needs to perform it’s functions correctly. Feed your body right and it will treat you very well!


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