by The Fit Girl Reporter on
July 31, 2015

Getting from the Office to the Gym

Changing your body isn’t rocket science, but it does take consistency.

Whether it’s a commitment to the gym after the office or working out at home, once it becomes a routine, the results will come quickly, and the change will boost your energy in the long run.

One of the best things I did to stick to my fitness plan was either packing my office bag with gym clothes for after work. Other times, I’d wear my gym clothes to bed to wake up know there are no excuses to burn calories while the kids get another hour of sleep.

Whatever plan you devise, it’s important to start off slow. Even if its 2-3 times a week, it will make a huge difference.  Adding something to your schedule like a committing to the gym may seem hard at first.  Work projects, family commitments, social lives might seem like they’ll derail you, but just an hour of gym time will still allow you to take part in other commitments. Even though the modern world is specifically designed to distract you with the internet and TV, making the gym a priority will become easier with time. Willpower is like a muscle: as it’s exercised, it will grow stronger, and it will become easier to get into your gym routine.

running in gym

Another great way to commit to hitting the gym after the office is to buddy up. You are more likely to go to the gym when you have a coworker or a partner to meet you.  Whether its having the support for one another or having a friendly competition to jog the treadmill next to, having that accountability makes you more likely to keep going. So if you and your buddy usually meet for drinks, lunch, or get a mani/pedi together, suggest meeting up and working out together first. No opportunity is too small to squeeze in another hour for fitness. Any effort is better than none, and that consistency will make a difference before you know it.

Another great decision that helped me make it to the gym and quickly improve my physical appearance was investing in a trainer. Spending a little extra on a trainer helps you jump right into beneficial exercises, some of which you may have never done before. Having a trainer also made it so much easier going to gym to have accountability since I had paid, and it also gave me the right direction on how to train and eat properly. Time is of the essence for those who work 8-12 hour shifts at the office, but with a trainer your program will be planned out, and your hour in the gym will be well spent.


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