by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 5, 2016

Give These Pre-Workout Stretches a Try

Sometimes you can’t be bothered with stretching before a workout. Other times, you’re so pumped with energy that you’re ready to jump straight onto the treadmill.

Dismissing stretching, or not using proper technique can lead to injuries and a poor performance at the gym – merely because your muscles aren’t ready for the intense moves you put them through.

Here are some effective pre-workout stretches to keep you interested and get you mentally prepared for a brutal workout.




Arms and Shoulders





Maneuver carefully between each stretch to avoid going dizzy and forcing the muscles into place when they’re not yet ready.

Not only is it recommended to stretch to loosen muscles, you will also improve blood flow and the circulation of oxygen.

Throughout all moves, exhale deeply into the stretch to develop flexibility over time and relax the mind.


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