by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 18, 2016

Healthy Soup Recipes That Are Perfect for Fall

Preparing healthy meals can be incredibly time consuming – not to mention expensive. We believe that in order to eat right and feel great, eating shouldn’t feel like torture.

We’ve devised healthy soup recipes that everyone can try and will help promote a balanced diet.


Homemade Soup Recipes

Buying a readymade tin from the supermarket isn’t the same as preparing the ingredients from fresh in your kitchen. Nurture your ingredients and bond with your food.

Skinny Tomato Soup

This soup is packed with vitamin A and C.




Tasty Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soups are the best way to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. Try adding your favorite veggies!




Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato

This is tasty and perfect for those cold, winter nights.




With soup, there’s no excuse to not eat healthily. They’re easy and cheap to make!

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