by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 17, 2016

How To Ease Back Into Working Out

Whether it’s traveling, illness or general life getting in the way, we all might have to skip workouts at some point in our lives.

It can be quite intimidating to hit the weights again, but it’s not impossible. If your reasoning was for health concerns, get the all clear from your doctor first.

Here are some ways to ease back into working out.



Set Yourself Realistic Fitness Goals

Don’t make false promises to yourself or you’ll fall off track. It’s unrealistic to ask yourself to exercise for two hours, seven days a week. To start your fitness journey again, workouts three times a week will suffice.

Training should fit into your current lifestyle, not the other way around. Home workouts might work better for your schedule, or if you prefer to be surrounded by gym fanatics, purchase a gym membership; do what’s right for you.

With that being said, get your new gym attire ready (and weights if you need them).


Creating A Workout Plan

To slowly get into your new lifestyle, take up walking. It’s not too strenuous on your joints and suitable for all fitness levels.

Now your body can cope with the new activity, it’s time to up your game.

YouTube is a useful platform for home workouts; it caters for all abilities. Opt for videos without weights which are up to 20 minutes long and preferably target the entire body.

There are tons of YouTubers who upload content regularly, so aim to get moving three times a week.


Workouts For Newcomers

If you’re happy with YouTube to keep you fit, stick with that and try new videos each time. Otherwise, here’s a quick 10-minute workout:


As with any activity, listen to your body and take it down if it’s too much. Walk the jacks instead of jumping and build on it in the upcoming weeks.

All the best and good luck with your fitness venture.


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