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October 14, 2016

How To Stay Fit When You Sit All Day Work

Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, which is obscene because our bodies aren’t made to sit down all day.

If you’re already active, you may be reaching a plateau due to your 9-5 sitting habits. But if you’re trying to lose weight, sitting all day isn’t doing you any favors.

Here are a few ways to stay fit when you sit all day (without making a fool of yourself in the office).


Staying Fit In An Office Job

The best thing you can do for your body is to eat well and often. Stock up on healthy snacks at work – fruit, nuts and green tea are great. Being overworked isn’t an excuse to munch on chocolate at your desk. Eat well and snack every two hours to stay energised.

Don’t sit all day! Be open with your boss and speak about the importance of employees staying active at work. Do you really need to sit down for meetings? Perhaps they can invest in stability balls to exercise your core whilst working.

If there is a room which isn’t being used, perhaps a few yoga mats lying around would help people to stretch after sitting for a couple of hours. It’s all with their staff’s health and wellbeing at heart, so it’ll benefit everyone.

Stretching alone won’t slim your waistline, but it’ll prevent muscles from seizing up. So never spend more than an hour sitting down; walk about the office, visit the kitchen and stretch out your arms and legs.

If you work from home, every hour do 60 stomach exercises. 30 sit-ups, followed by 30 russian twists only takes around two minutes. Doing this three times a day will strengthen your core and tone your abs.

If you work in a room full of people, try these secret, effective moves at your desk several times a day:

As a general rule, don’t just slob in your chair. Keep your posture upright, your butt checks slightly tense and your abs engaged. Always try to get out for a walk at lunch time either to squeeze some cardio in.

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