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July 30, 2015

Improving Health Post-Pregnancy

I never used to put emphasis on how fit I looked, or even felt. I didn’t want to focus on myself too much, especially after having my daughter and becoming a mom.  Exercising did not seem to be a priority, because I could be doing something more productive, and I felt guilty doing something for myself and not my daughter.  Now having faced post-partum depression and health issues, I see things differently.  More exercise and activity breeds more energy, and little by little any insecurity will take the back seat.   Group of women in a Pilates class at the gym

Without much time for exercise, my focus on clean eating had to be super strong in order to be successful. I stopped looking at how far I needed to go and started looking at how far I have come. My energy sky rocketed and it fueled a fire within me. At that point, I did not want to give up until I reached my goals. I knew that if I could change my mind, I could change my body. I kept reminding myself that the food I craved will always be there, but that my health wouldn’t maintain itself without healthy eating and exercise habits.

I believe I deserve to be fit, healthy, and looking my best. All those things make me more a productive human being and able to serve others better than ever before. When I am at my best level of health, it’s easier to put my best efforts forward for my daily commitments. Others also take me more seriously because they see that I respect myself.  Some may think that focusing on becoming fit is vain, but becoming healthier has helped me dedicate more time to my daughter. This is now my lifestyle; splurges with my favorite foods sometimes occur, but then it’s back to the basics on good food that nourishes my body. I feel my best eating for health and giving my body a chance to be taken care of.  Once you adopt this lifestyle, everything improves: attitude, insecurities, health issues, outlook, and especially confidence. Confidence helps you execute tasks successfully under pressure. Confidence gets you off the couch for your workouts. Confidence in yourself sets the tone for success in the face of setbacks.

Tips to stay on track:

-Be persistent and consistent: No distraction or excuses, just do it!  The workouts on your agenda should be like any other appointment.

-Stay focused: Keep your eyes on the prize.  What are your short and long term goals?  Where do you want to be physically/emotionally/mentally in 6 weeks?

Have a plan of action:  Know what you need to do to be successful.  Recording your daily and weekly routines can help you stay focused.

-Have FUN! 

It helps to get a girlfriend or an accountability partner to do this with. When you have set appointment times, you are less likely to miss if you know someone else is waiting for you. It is also fun to communicate with your partner through text or in person about how you are staying on track and trashing old habits. Positive health changes move faster and are more fun in good company!


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  1. I am currently pregnant with my second child, workout regularly and feel confident with that part of the process and post pregnancy expectations/goals. I am looking for feedback from any moms out there about post pregnancy diet especially while breastfeeding. I had my first child when I was 23, didn’t workout at all and the weight easily came off without much effort. I am 31 now and know that my physical goals are much different than they were then. Any input about counting macros or simply clean eating would be greatly appreciated. Love the new site Chady, thanks!

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