by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 26, 2016

Must Watch: Amy Schumer & Lena Dunham Body Shaming Comedy Sketch

Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham paired in an all too true comedy sketch about size shaming. Set in a posh clothing store, Amy struggles to communicate with the uppity sales woman about finding her size. She asks for a size 12 but the woman cannot even imagine that the size even exists, taking her to a fantastical land where cows shop.


Click here to watch the sketch!


This is still unfortunately something women go through, especially in higher end stores. Clothes are very personal; it’s about more than just throwing a shirt on. Clothes that fit right and convey our personality make us feel more confident and comfortable with who we are. The shopping experience also can either be uplifting or bring the mood down, like when you try on different cuts and sizes of jeans but none seem to fit right.


The sketch is exaggerated but very impactful to women. It’s important to get this message across and maybe those who are guilty of body shaming will see how their actions can deeply affect someone. Also, retailers being more accepting of women with curves will help change the way people react and approach body shaming, as well as providing curvy women with more clothing options than what exists right now.


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