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August 2, 2016

Natalie Jill Tells Us What Makes Her a Fit Girl

Natalie Jill is a driving force and an inspiration to countless women. She was a single mom, working full time, living with an autoimmune disease and after hitting rock bottom; became well recognized name in the fitness industry. Everything she earned had plummeted downwards; from losing her house, retirement, and her first marriage. She had gained over 50 pounds during her pregnancy whilst coping with a disease named Celiac Sprue; making it difficult to be healthy. Attempts at managing this physical and emotional turmoil can cause someone to break, but instead; Natalie Jill decided that things needed to change.


Fast-forward to now, Natalie Jill is a 44-year-old nutrition expert and fitness model with a nationally bestselling book Unprocess Your Diet.  Natalie is teaching thousands of people how changing their eating habits can change their life. Putting her knowledge of nutrition to use and using her illness to her advantage, Natalie Jill is able to assist women all around the world be the best version of themselves. Many of us often look up to people who have been through tough times and believe they have come out of those times stronger than ever. Natalie Jill’s methods are tried, true and unprocessed.


You have many e-books out on various fitness topics. What makes the new “Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start” different from the rest?


My hardcover book, 7 Day Jump Start – Unprocess Your Diet, is different from the rest because it’s essentially a recipe book. In addition to a completely updated program and meal plan, it has 84 brand new FAT BURNING recipes paired with a dose of motivation. There are also 7, 7-minute body weight workouts (the original 7 Day Jump Start e-book does not have a workout component).


Because of your father’s early death in his 40s, do you think that it motivated you to be fit and healthy since you are in your 40s as well?

Yes, absolutely. It has motivated me from the day it happened. However, now that I am in my 40s and have a daughter, I can’t imagine leaving this world early. I want to be there for her!


What do you think makes you different from other fitness gurus? What is your specialty?

My focus is being real and relatable. I share things… how they are, rather than how people think they should be. I like to show that we can be in our mid-40s and become our best version yet! My goal is to make people feel empowered and to basically acknowledge that we are human. I get that it can be hard to come out of a rock bottom. I have been there myself. But in the same sense, because I know just how hard it can be, I have been able to simplify fitness and nutrition along the way, and that is what I share with my audience.


We know you’re an expert in nutrition.  Do you think that having Celiac [Sprue] inspired you to pursue nutrition and was it difficult to adjust to that diet in the beginning?


I was tired of feeling sick and being misdiagnosed. So once I was diagnosed with Celiac I almost felt relieved. It made total sense as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling. But, eating gluten-free wasn’t as healthy as it sounded! There was so much processed junk that was still considered gluten-free. It wasn’t until I took this junk out of my diet and started eating unprocessed foods, which are naturally gluten-free, that I began to really understand health and nutrition.


We know you have a young daughter. Do you plan her meals as well, teach her about nutrition, or do you let her eat what she wants?


I don’t micro manage her nutrition at all, but I do try to educate her on why I eat healthy and what happens when you don’t. I talk to her about natural, unprocessed foods and the dangers associated with eating processed junk and sugar. She is allowed to make her own choices, but I teach her “the why” behind my preferences of what she eats.


Do you find that you are a better, happier person today; than when you were in your twenties?

It is just different- I was a totally different person in my 20’s. What I thought was “healthy” then, is not what I consider healthy now. I grew up in the era of processed, fat-free junk – I thought that was healthy. The types of workouts I did in my 20’s would not work well with me in my 40’s either. I am the best I can be at 44 and feel great about that!


What was your desire when you created your brand? Did it go as you thought it would or did it turn into something you weren’t expecting?


It’s ironic because my “brand” started by me just sharing with my few Facebook friends from high school about what I was eating. They were really interested in my recipes. So I created a simple download for them! Since then, my brand has become SO much more! I never had a grand business plan. I just shared relevant content. I listened to the population I was attracting, and created products based on the feedback and requests they were sending my way.


How do you remain inspired and innovative after all you have accomplished?  Where do you look for inspiration?


I turn to my audience for inspiration. The questions they ask; the results they get; it is their feedback that dictates what I will do next!


What’s on the horizon for Natalie Jill?

This is ever changing. As much as I love that I went through a traditional publisher and launched my first hard copy book, it demanded so much more time than I anticipated.  During this process I think I lost touch with my audience, social media, and what I want to work on next. I am so pleased with the final book but I am excited to be focusing on resting, recovering, and getting back to my own focus of being healthy, fit, and re-engaging with my audience. I have a few things planned on the horizon but right now, I have been saying “NO” to a lot and that feels surprisingly good!

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