by The Fit Girl Reporter on
December 9, 2016

Tips on How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Come January, everyone’s signing up to their local gym and making false promises that they’ll lose the pounds they gained over the holidays.

Wouldn’t it be better to eat in moderation and still feel fulfilled without having to go on fad diets early 2017? We’re giving our best tips to staying fit and guilt-free during the holidays.


Feel Healthy During The Festive Season

Christmas only comes around once a year and it’s a time for happiness, peace and love. Not for worrying about your weight. That’s not to stay that eating healthy goes out of the window, but you can allow yourself to focus more on the things which make you happy.

Stock up on your favorite festive food, but eat them in moderation. A mince pie and two pieces of shortbread one night won’t make much of a difference to your figure, but two mince pies, sweets and half a bar of chocolate every night could.

This season is an exciting time for food, with temptation around every corner. There’s this subliminal pressure to fit as much food in as quickly as you can or you’ll miss out. But, you don’t need to admire food so much as there are many other factors which make Christmas great. In fact, it may even be the best time of the year to take the focus off food and more on family time, movie night, putting up the decorations, wrapping presents etc.

You won’t enjoy the holidays less if you don’t eat an entire tray of biscuits: you’ll probably enjoy it more if you only have a few. You’ll have more energy and feel less stodgy. Do you really want to feel bloated at the office party and not fit into your special dress because you went crazy on the Christmas cake?


Holiday Season Eating Tips

Treat food at Christmas like any other time of the year – everything in moderation and don’t put pressure on yourself to look a certain way.


Happy holidays everyone!

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