by The Fit Girl Reporter on
October 12, 2016

Strength Training vs. Circuit Training: Which One Should I Do?

We recently received a question from a reader on which was the right one to do, strength training or circuit training? The answer was that it depends on your goals. They both serve different purposes but we believe that you should definitely do both and here’s why.


What is Circuit Training for?

Circuit training means using lighter weights but for an extended period of time. This is for those looking to lose weight. Because you do circuits with little to no rest, your heart rate is high most of the time. A high heart rate coupled with repetitive movement will burn fat and calories.


What about Strength Training?

Strength training is when you lift heavier weights which means it would be for a short amount of time. This is meant to challenge you, if you can easily lift a 30 pound bar, then you need to add on more weight. Strength training is meant to challenge and push your muscles, in turn sculpting and toning them. Strength training will also allow you to burn more fat throughout the day. This is because when you are building muscles your body uses a lot of energy and calories so it will use up the energy you have stored.


Do Both! 

We highly recommend doing both circuit and strength training. Obviously which ones you should do more often depends on your fitness goals. If you are at your desired place with body weight, then do more strength training to keep the muscles strong and sculpted.


Find your Formula

To lose weight: Circuit train 3  times a week and strength train 2 times a week.

To stay toned: Circuit train 2 times a week and strength train 3 times a week.

These are just personally preferred formulas, you have to find what works best for you. It’s great to experiment and learn what your preferences are.


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