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September 13, 2016

The Best Travel Destinations For Marathon Runners

For fitness fanatics, you can’t beat a beautiful location to lose yourself in. But not all places are suitable and some don’t live up to their high-standard reviews. Don’t panic though, because we’ve done the research for you.

Beat the treadmill and dreary routes. Get fit in the most stunning destinations in the world.


Italy, Dolomites

The Dolomite Mountains can be found in north-eastern Italy and stand tall at over 3,000 meters. Popular amongst adventurists – including runners, hikers, walkers and bikers – it offers magnificent views of thick fields and miles of blue skies.


Norway, Marathon of The Midnight Su

This run starts and finishes with the Tromsø Bridge. Beginning at 8pm, towards the end of the race, runners can explore amazing views of the icy surroundings and glorious city. The start is tough – with a lengthy race across the bridge followed by an uphill course, but the surface remains flat after that.


Mexico, The Copper Canyons

This isn’t for the weak or ill-motivated, as this is an obstacle of terrain, branches and potholed surfaces. Most runners who’ve explored this route never see running the same again; they’re mesmerised by the vast beauty with open waters and colossal cliffs.


South Africa, Table Mountain Crossing

We all need something amazing at the finish line to keep us going and in Cape Town, South Africa, this is the best scene for runners. Tackling the mountain can be daunting, but the trail slowly inclines the entire duration to give you breathtaking new views every five seconds. When you reach the top, it’s well worth the sweat and tears.


Florida, Key West

Key West is a pleaser for all types of runners. Pushing yourself up the three-mile hill, you’re see the magnificent sunset over the Caribbean. Most of the route is flat and provides superlative views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can even stop off for a refreshing cocktail at a bar when you’re done.


Have you been to any of these destinations? Comment below or share your favorite routes around the world. We’d love to hear from you!

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