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April 21, 2016

The Science Behind Coconut Water

Most people don’t exercise to the point where they would need anything more than water after sweating but studies have determined that coconut water is best for post exercise hydration. Unlike any other beverage on the market, coconut water contains a similar electrolyte profile to human blood. It can replace fluids and help remove toxins from the body. The electrolyte potassium counteracts the negative effects that come from a high sodium processed diet. Potassium needs to be replaced when exercising for long periods of time to replace the sodium that you lose while sweating. Your body relies on the right amount of potassium and sodium inside and outside your cells for the body to function normally. To have balanced electrolytes is crucial for things like muscle function.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Raise metabolic rate, act as a diuretic
Treat symptoms of depression
Lower blood pressure
Reduces levels of cholesterol
Help and prevent migraines
Treat digestive health
Treat constipation
Help with Indigestion
Help with kidney function- urinary health like bladder infections, UTI (urinary tract infections), kidney stones and kidney malfunction amongst many others.

Drinking coconut water in moderation is vital. High potassium levels can be toxic and hazardous over time. Hyperkalemia, is when the body has reached too much potassium in the body and can lead to renal disease and abnormal heart rhythms.

Coconut water is also high in carbohydrates and that should taken into consideration if you are trying to lose weight. The shelf life from bottle sources should be researched as nutrients from the coconut water may have decreased or no longer active. Once the coconut water is exposed to air, and has been in warm temperature, the ferments rapidly lose nutritional value. Purchasing organic will be help assure that you are not ingesting any additional chemicals or preservatives. The fresher the coconut water, the more nutrients you get out of it.


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