by The Fit Girl Reporter on
May 12, 2016

Top Seven Foods for Flawless Skin

Want to get that clear, smooth skin? All of those skin creams, soaps, and cosmetic products might help you out, but little do you know that a large part of it also comes from your diet. Nourishing your skin both on the outside and on the inside helps improve your physical features, while also promoting healthy skin in the long run. According to Emme Marie Marlowe, a diet-fitness expert, one can get that wonderful, makeup-free skin through certain foods, which improve skin color, elasticity, and overall smoothness. Here is a list of foods to get you started.



According to Marlowe, avocados are a must-have for anyone who wants healthy skin. Avocados contain the vitamin biotin, which gives skin suppleness, as well as polyunsaturated fats that prevent blemishes.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are considered a “power food,” boasting plenty of omegas-3, 6, and 9. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory effects, as well as zinc, which helps with cell growth in the skin.


Marlowe recommends flaxseed for also having anti-inflammatory properties like that in pumpkin seeds, which reduces the redness in blemishes and clears them up more quickly.


This sharp-tasting edible root is rich in vitamin C, sulfur, and silicon- all of which improves skin through enhanced collagen and a stimulated circulatory system.

Hemp seeds

Hemp is also rich in omega-3, but also contains lots of protein to fortify hair, nails, and skin.

Dark, leafy greens

Power foods like spinach and kale are dense in vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and sulfur. They also help the skin stay healthy and glowing.


From honeydew to watermelon, this special fruit category has plenty of water that works to hydrate your skin, as well as keep it supple.


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