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July 19, 2016

What is Cellulite and How to Prevent it

Most of the women I talk to are ashamed of their cellulite, and to be honest I’m guilty of it as well. But it’s important to know what cellulite really is and that it does not determine how fat someone is. We often get hung up on these small imperfections that in turn inhibit us from wearing or doing what we want. There are so many women that will not wear a swimsuit because they hate how their legs look. The best thing to do is to understand how our bodies work and why they work that way, this often helps us get over insignificant “flaws”.


The Science Behind Cellulite

Cellulite is cause by swollen fat cells being pushed onto the web like connective tissue of the skin. This creates the “cottage cheese” affect as most people call it. Slim women have cellulite as well, it is mostly affected by genetics.

Fat cells swell naturally but can be encouraged by eating foods with high fat content. Eating greasy foods and not exercises of course will make the cellulite more prominent. A healthy, high fiber diet, along with muscle building exercise should alleviate some cellulite.


Foods to Alleviate Cellulite

Eat foods that your body will digest easily and do not over eat. Consuming too much fatty foods leads to fat storage because the body does not need that amount of energy, especially in the form of saturated fat. Eating 40 calories worth of chips and eating 40 calories worth of carrots is not the same. Carrots have high nutritional value that your body will use up, whereas the chips are mostly oil and saturated fat.


Exercises to Alleviate Cellulite

Muscle building workouts will also help. Exercising will help decrease the swelling of fat cells, but building muscles in particular will harden that area, leaving less soft tissue to be pushed against. Think of it as breaking into soft bread versus breaking a hard and crunchy loaf. The stronger the crust the more difficult it is to break through.

We have a super easy workout for you! Incorporate these in your daily workout regime or bust them out in the mornings before work.

Using ankle weights…

Repeat for 3 rounds


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