by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 3, 2016

What Really Are Proteins And Why Are They Important For Muscle Repair?

The best place to start with this topic, is by answering the question: What are proteins? You hear and see gym fanatics raving about their protein shakes, so let’s see why.

Every organ and cell within the human body is functioned by proteins. Most people just think about muscle development when they hear protein, but that’s only a fraction of its purpose.

Without it, our:

This is merely a partial list. But you appreciate its importance to basic survival and wellbeing.

Where do we get these proteins?

Inevitably, from foods – meat and dairy in particular. The average man should eat 56 grams per day, and women – 46 grams.

Once consumed, the protein is broken down into amino acids to get to work in your body to do the tasks outlined above. If a person has a protein-less diet, the body will have no option than to break down muscle fibers to obtain essential protein to survive.

Why are proteins importance for muscle repair?

Following an intense workout, we feel sore the next day. That’s because our muscle fibers have been torn to keep up with the vigorous movements.

If a person doesn’t drink a protein shake or eat a high-protein meal after a workout, the muscle will continue to break down, thus leading to the loss of muscle mass.

If you are a loyal protein consumer straight after exercising, you are aiding in the muscle fibres repairing again. Plus, you are giving your body new proteins to increase muscle mass for recovery.

It’s a staple part of gym goers’ diets because they can train again the next day without feeling so tender, as well as sculpting an athletic masterpiece.

With your muscles being made up of 25 percent protein, you can’t afford to eliminate it from your diet.


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