by The Fit Girl Reporter on
July 30, 2015

Why Sweating is Good for You

Exercise not only puts you in a good mood, but the sweat from exercising is great for your skin and hair.

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What exactly happens when we sweat?  

When we sweat, we release toxins from our systems, using sweat as an escape.  This means we release salt, cholesterol, alcohol, and other toxins. Also, sweating with regular exercise boosts your circulation and cleans out all your congested pores as well as correcting the hormonal imbalance that can cause adult acne.

If you are acne prone, avoid wearing makeup while exercising as it will clog your pores and prevent them from releasing toxins. Be sure to pack fragrance free, sensitive skin cleansing wipes in your gym bag. They help with cleaning skin before and after workouts, and no soap or water is needed.

Working out also helps with stress-level cortisol which leads to breakouts.  Too much cortisol can cause the collagen in your skin to break down, which leads to sagging and wrinkles.  Exercising helps supports the production of collagen to keep your skin tight, firm, and elastic.  Exercise is also a big stress reliever to keeping your hair stronger and healthier. When you stress, your hair is more likely to be brittle and fall out.  Even adding 30 minutes to sweat a day can reduce stress and benefit circulation in your body by promoting growth to your mane because of the stimulation.

Last, but certainly not least, sweating will supply your skin with a dose of oxygenated blood, giving you that a post-workout glow.

When I still am put off by sweat, I just tell myself, “I don’t sweat. I glitter.” Stay positive about your sweat because now you know how many positive things your sweat does for you.


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