by The Fit Girl Reporter on
September 12, 2016

Why Waist Training is a Scam and How to Actually Burn Fat and Tone Up

If you are in the fitness industry then you know that there is no other way to get in shape than exercise and a healthy diet. It’s very disturbing to see celebrities, who have no experience or authority in health and weight loss, posting about how their waist trainers gave them curves or helped them loose weight.

It is honestly common sense, your body is not made of things that can be morphed just by pulling a tight garment over it. Unless you literally break your ribs or wear a corset for YEARS, you cannot alter your body’s shape using a waist trainer.


Is Waist Training Bad For You?

I’m not going to go as far as to say it’s necessarily bad for you. It all depends on how tight the waist trainer is. If you are cutting your oxygen supply and/or making it so tight that your insides hurt, then yes it’s bad for you.


Why it’s a Scam

If you work out while wearing a waste trainer thinking that it will help you loose more weight, then you’re wrong. The only thing that happens is that you loose water weight, and WATER IS NOT FAT PEOPLE. To loose weight, you have to loose fat. If you only loose water, then it will come back within a day or two.


How to Actually Burn Fat

This is also why we say that purely doing cardio is not how you really loose weight and tone up. If you only do cardio after a while you will stay in a constant place with your weight. Yes you should do cardio to get the heart rate up, also why HIIT workouts work pretty well. When your heart rate is up while you’re working out, then you burn more fat. But purely doing cardio will not help you tone up and get the shape you desire because you are not doing strength training. Strength training at a high heart rate is the best way to burn fat because you are working your muscles and body is trying to find more energy (aka calories, aka fat) to feed on. With your organ systems working together, your body is trying to use up as much stored energy that it can and this helps burn the stored fat.

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