by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 8, 2016

Why Your Daily Habits Are Causing Your Weight Gain

Given the choice, most of us would drop a few pounds, but sometimes donuts taste nicer than our dreams.

But if your dumbbells haven’t yet gathered dust and you’re not shy to eating fruit, why is your waistline getting bigger?

You read our article on how bad dinner habits can cause weight gain and now here are some reasons why your daily habits are causing your weight gain.

Going To The Gym Isn’t Enough

…You need to put in some work there!

Gym membership in hand and running shoes on, you head to the gym where you’ll spend one hour going from one machine to another. You could spend three hours near the weights, but if you don’t lift a single one, there’s honestly no point.

Make your workouts strenuous. Don’t be afraid to sweat. Do another set. Push yourself.

Food Is Your Emotional Support

Had a bad day? A pizza will cheer you up. Celebrating a positive moment? Cut the cake. If you always find a cause to eat – even when you’re not hungry – this could be triggering your weight gain, particularly if it’s sugary snacks.

Instead of depending on food to lift your mood, lift weights and rely on endorphins to cure your unhappiness.

You Don’t Prepare Food Yourself

Salads are healthy. So everyone thinks. But purchasing a readymade salad from the supermarket for dinner isn’t doing you any favors. Showered in full-fat sauce, processed chicken and cheese, it’s anything but healthy.

Opt for spending more time in the kitchen preparing the food yourself. If paying a few pounds on a recipe book means you shed a few pounds on your stomach, it’s a no brainer.

Sitting Down Is Your Religion

From nine ‘til five, your bottom is parked on the office chair. Another 30 minutes of sitting for the car ride home, followed by hours on the sofa.

It’s understandable that you don’t always feel like hitting the gym after a long day at work. But your sedentary lifestyle is slowing your metabolism down.

Take more breaks in the office to stretch your legs. Invest in a fitness ball and ditch the chair. Buy a standing desk if you have to… there are a mountain of things you can do to get up and move.

You can’t always help the commute to work, but head straight to the gym to prevent the temptation of being inactive all night too.

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