by The Fit Girl Reporter on
February 25, 2016

Working Out With a Cold

Your nose is congested, body is feeling a little sluggish and you are not sure if you should continue your workout regimen from fear of getting worse or spreading germs.

What should you do?

Depending on the severity of your cold, it’s ok to workout even though you don’t feel 100% but it all coinsides with your symptoms.

Common Cold – It is okay to exercise if you have symptoms above your neck:
Runny nose
Throat scratchy

Many of those symptoms can be allergy related and not contagious. If you do go outside your home to workout with these symptoms, keep in mind how would you feel if someone was sneezing and sniffling next to you at the gym- Do unto others as you would want to do unto you. Wipe down EVERYTHING you touch ( like you would normally), don’t shake hands, and keep your distance from others until you are sure of your symptoms getting better. Lowering your intensity of your usual workout is highly recommended when having the above symptoms to assure yourself you aren’t putting yourself at risk to lower your immune system and old get worse. Moderate exercise is said to boost your immune system so you can possibly help yourself get better by opening your nasal passages by releasing adrenalin, called epinephrine, which acts as a natural decongestant.

Possible Flu- It’s NOT ok to workout if you have symptoms below your neck:
Body aches/ headache
Chest congestion with a cough

Having a fever is the number one symptom to NOT workout. Working out and raising your body temperature internally can and will make you more sick.
At the end of the day, YOU only know if its ok to workout when you are not feeling your best health.


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