by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 7, 2016

6 Healthy and Simple Chicken Recipes

Chicken is packed with protein, but when eating it every day, it can soon get tasteless. But it’s such a diverse meat that it can be used in curries, on your sandwiches, salads, pasta and everything in-between.

Here’s how to inject flavor into your chicken-based meals.


Chicken Flavor Recipes

We’re a fan of healthy recipes which are quick, because that’s how you stick to a healthy diet.

Choose a recipe which resonates with you and mix all ingredients together in a jug. Marinade your meat for 30 minutes to an hour in a sealed bag in the fridge before cooking for an even greater taste.


Mexican Spice



Sweet Chili and Lime



BBQ Chicken



Sticky Chicken



Grilled Chicken



Chicken With Lemon and Oregano



All of these recipes are healthy and easy to follow. The fresher the ingredients, the better, because you know there are no artificial flavors or additives gone into them.

Bland chicken should be a thing of the past. Spice it up and liven up your dishes with a splash of flavoring.

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