by The Fit Girl Reporter on
June 27, 2016

Easy Peasy Workout for Expecting Mothers

Congratulations, you just recently found out you are pregnant! Now you want to either be your best you to carry this baby or continue your training regimen while pregnant. First and foremost, you should always talk to your doctor about your health before starting or continuing any exercise routine you already have. Exercise won’t increase your risk to have a miscarriage in a normal pregnancy, you should be able to maintain your current routine to a certain extent.

Many women who already have an exercise routine soon will realize that exercising while pregnant becomes much more difficult. Aside from the extra pounds you will gaining, you will become much more fatigue faster from what just use to be a normal workout pre pregnancy because your baby making it’s own workout moves in your tummy.

Our recommendations are sticking to all body weight exercises for beginners and then modifying it with resistance bands.




This workout can be performed 2 to 5 times week based on how you are feeling throughout your pregnancy. If you have not done these workout moves before, we suggest you practice the movement properly to not jepordize proper form.


Perform 3 to 5 rounds and your reps can go higher if this seem to be to easy.

Remember, wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to be. Go at your own pace. You’re a gorgeous woman and soon to be mommy. You’re doing a great job!

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