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August 9, 2016

Get Your Arms Ready for those Summer Dresses with 3 Simple Moves

A lot of women want to know how can they get their arms to look slimmer, but are afraid of becoming too muscular. A common misconception is that working out will make you bulky. In reality, if you want to change the shape of your arms, training them is the most effective way. Flabby arms can be changed by doing these 3 simple moves.


You can do push ups anywhere because they only require your body weight. No fancy or expensive equipment required. Push-ups work the triceps to a large extent by pushing the body up from the floor working your biceps and triceps. They engage your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core for a complete pushing exercise.


How to:

I would recommend doing knee push ups (for beginners) until you can easily keep your head in line with your torso as you do the push up in a slow and controlled motion.

Position your body with your arms straight out, abs tight, holding your body in a plank position.

Hands and arms should be positioned slightly below your shoulders, fingers pointed forwards. Shoulders are pushed down away from your ears.

Lower your body until your chest is an inch or two above the floor, elbows pulling back at roughly a 45 degree angle.

Push your torso away from the ground until your arms lock, then repeat.



Super girl:

A simple exercise that can performed everywhere. This exercise primarily targets muscles in the back.


How to: 

Be sure to perform this exercise slowly and methodically to prevent injury.
Begin by lying face down on a comfortable mat.

Extend your arms above your head, about shoulder’s width apart. Also extend your legs and keep them parallel to each other.

Simultaneously lift your legs and torso off the floor while holding your body weight on your abdomen. Continue to lift until you feel a flex in your lower back, and return to the starting position.




Tricep dips:

Triceps don’t get worked as much as you think. That is why adding a little triceps exercises to your routine works miracles. You can perform tricep dips on anything from a chair, couch, or bench.


How to:

The spacing between your feet and your glutes can help adjust the amount of weight you are putting on your arms when doing tricep dips. Bringing your feet out away from your glutes raises the intensity of your workout without adding weights.

Place hands shoulder width apart and grip the edge of the chair with your fingers such that your armpits are not open.

Bend your knees at roughly a 90 degree angle.

Adjust your weight throughout your arms and legs by checking your balance. If it feels too heavy bring your legs in slightly towards the legs of the chair.

Bend your knees and go down as far as possible keeping your back straight. Avoid hyper extending your elbows because that can cause injury.

Return to starting position and repeat remaining reps. It’s important that you support your body weight using your arms.



Summer Dress Arm Toner

10 Pushups

10 SuperGirl

10 Tricep dips


5 Rounds – 60 seconds rest in between each set

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