by The Fit Girl Reporter on
April 8, 2016

Honey Avocado Face Mask

There is nothing better for your skin than all natural ingredients. Chemicals can be too harsh and too deep cleansing, taking out essential oils from the skin. All you need is a few ingredients that you have at home to make this soothing and nourishing face mask.


-1/2 an avocado

-1 tablespoon honey

-1 tablespoon oatmeal

-1 egg

-Fresh ginger root

-1 teaspoon jojoba oil


All these ingredients contain antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids, and other natural vitamins that will clear out pores, ease wrinkles and moisturize the skin. This facemask will take almost no time to make and can be stored in the fridge for future use (do not store for more than 3-4 days as there are no preservatives).

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