by The Fit Girl Reporter on
June 30, 2016

Hormone Imbalance in Women Can Cause a lot of Problems

Tired all the time, have trouble sleeping, getting constant breakouts on your skin, and can’t seem to lose weight? You hormones may be the culprit. I have had this problem for a while and am trying to fix it the natural way. A lot of women actually don’t even consider that it’s their hormones causing them problems so we thought we would help. Below are the common signs for hormonal imbalances that affect millions of women across the U.S.




Adrenal glands that are overworked can’t maintain appropriate levels of cortisol and your cortisol levels will rise in which causes weight gain.

Poor diet, lack of exercise, irregular sleep, and long work hours causing stress is the perfect recipe for adrenal fatigue. Stabilizing blood sugar is critical since cortisol is released to manage blood sugar levels. An immorderate level of cortisol is frequently the real culprit that could keep you from losing weight.


Fatigue & Sleep

Getting sleep is very important in order for us to be alert. Our bodies need an adequate amount of rest and sometimes women don’t realize how essential it is during their monthly cycles.

Metabolic functions determine ratios of fat and muscle. And the first deep sleep of the night is where you secrete the greatest amount of growth hormone. In children it triggers growth, and in adults it heals. In women, a decline in this hormone or estrogen level can cause havoc on your menstrual cycle.



Unexplained breakouts can be caused low thyroid function.

If you are experiencing changes in your skin and it is not getting better,  you should contact your primary physician or a dermatologist. A blood test can identify it and it can be corrected by taking a small pill every day or if you want to take the natural route, diet change and exercise can help immensely.

All these symptoms can reflect your mood which can escalate into anxiety or depression. These are a few ways to naturally balance your hormones.




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