by The Fit Girl Reporter on
July 7, 2016

How to Balance Life During College

College is VERY hectic. I just graduated so the experience is still freshly engrained in my mind. Leaving school at 2 am and having to go back 8 am the next morning was not fun and was very stressful not only on the body but on the mind. And on top of all this, college students need to think about what they really want to do with the rest of their lives. I could not tell you how many of my friends changed their minds or were second guessing their choices after graduation. And this is why I’m writing this articles. These are just some tips on how to live a balanced life during college with work, internships, classes, and personal life.


Classes and Time Management

As I progressed in my major, classes become more demanding, as you would think. Being a business student meant having tons of group projects that took hours to work on. An important thing to remember is time management. This is highly stressed to students. You need to know how to prioritize and devote a set amount of time on specific assignments.

You have a finance test in a few days and a big economics project due the same day. Divide time within each of the days leading to the due dates and write out what needs to be completed and at what time frame.


Work and Internships

Even with all that class work to do, most students still have to go to work and do internships. Tuition and life is expensive so not having a job is usually not an option. If you can, try to find an internship that pays. This way you get both things you need, money and experience. As everyone says, internships are super important especially if you’re job is not related to the field you want a career in. Most internships lead to job offers and they are a great way to learn if that’s what you really want to do or not.


Social Life

How do you actually have a life with all this going on?? You don’t…Just kidding! Mostly. You do have to sacrifice going out some nights and have to say no to expensive and unnecessary expenses like eating out. Time management is key again, as it is to all these 3 things. Dedicate about an hour a day to exercise, this will help so much with stress. Also dedicate 30 minutes to a hobby that you have. You can go out Saturdays with your friends. Friends help ease stress too, laughter really is the best medicine.

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