by The Fit Girl Reporter on
November 14, 2016

Hot to Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle and Mind

When starting a new fitness journey and diet, it can be hard to stay on track because we put so much pressure on ourselves to never slip up.

There’s also the additional burden of wanting it (whatever ‘it’ may be) so much that extreme measures are an option.

Let’s talk about striking the balance so you can reach your fitness goals whilst sustaining a healthy mind.


Keeping a Healthy Mind

Some people’s only focus is to lose weight. They wake up one morning determined to finally reach that unobtainable number on the scales. For a month, the weight slips off from watching what they eat and exercising more.

But diets don’t work long-term. You feel confident for dropping pounds, but then you reach a point where you ask yourself ‘is this what I have to do and act like for the rest of my life to maintain this figure?’

Even if it’s not that exact question you’re pondering, you will begin to dramatically change your habits out of sheer commitment to your body. Turning down chocolate cake when everyone else is salivating over it is difficult, but you give yourself a mental pat on the back.

Though you should be proud of yourself for choosing fruit over cake, these behaviors can be deadly to your mind.

Quickly, social events become a burden because you don’t want buffet food as it’ll tarnish the figure you’ve worked so hard on achieving. You cannot ever cave into your sugar cravings because you’ve been doing so well to get this far. A sugar in your coffee is now considered devil food.

These are all thought processes that every female has gone through and that’s no way to live life.

To sustain a healthy lifestyle and mind, appreciate that there’s more to life than food and body images. From the moment you choose to take on a new found life, allow yourself to eat a fatty food when you’re desperately craving it. So long as you eat healthily 80 percent of the time and exercise, it won’t make a difference to your life and it shows that you’re human.

You are alive and deserve to be happy. We slip up every now and then because we’re not programmed to be perfect all of the time. The world can already be harsh without you treating yourself poorly too.

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