by The Fit Girl Reporter on
July 14, 2016

Learn The Possible Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired Every Day

Find yourself not able to wake up in the mornings? Or you wake up fine but get tired really quickly? This can be a life inhibiting problem if it occurs often so it’s very important to find the culprit and take care of it so you can be healthier, more productive and happier. We wrote an article on how your diet can be making you tired but what else contributes to early morning lethargy?

Restless Limbs

If you keep tossing and turning because your body cannot seem to find a comfortable position then you can possible have periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD). If this occurs often, see your doctor for a diagnosis. Causes for PLMD can be diabetes, anemia, arthritis, or a thyroid condition. To naturally help alleviate this, eat more leafy greens or anything with a high amount of vitamin B and folic acid.

Bathroom Visits

This is a common problem with adults. You wake up to use the restroom and have trouble falling asleep after. Try not drinking or eating any liquids like soup at least 3 hours before bed. Also, cut down on caffein intake (especially before bed) and alcohol intake. If you do all these and the problem still persists, see your doctor.

Acid Reflux & Nausea

You may have eaten something spicy, or fatty before bed and it’s causing a burning sensation through your chest. Some people have more acid in their bodies than others, which can cause acid reflux more easily, but food and water intake is a big factor. Stay away from oily, fatty, and spicy foods minimum 4 to 5 hours before bed. These will either give you acid reflux or make you nauseated because of their decadence. Take an antacid, eat plain greek yogurt or drink carbonated water if this occurs.

Your Circadian Rhythm

Your body goes on a natural clock of darkness and light. If anything disrupts this cycle by tricking your body into think it’s still light outside, then you can throw your whole body off. This is why you shouldn’t go on your phone or laptop before bed. The light from these devices are very bright and will make you alert. I know a lot of people that go on their phones because they can’t sleep but it just doesn’t make sense to do that. Reading a book or a magazine or writing will make you feel more sleepy.

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