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April 29, 2016

My Experience With Juicing by Chady Dunmore

This article is not to bash any company or nor am sponsored by any juicing company.  This article is by pure experimentation on my own.

First of all…

There is no way I would juice.  I love food and chewing more than the average person.  Not only that but I love eating meat… I heard all the cons of juicing.  There is no proof that eating liquefied fruits and vegetables offer with the same ingredients in their whole state.  You’ll find little to no protein and fat in fresh pressed juice.



I keep hearing how great you feel?!?!  Could this be true?  I tried the 3 day juice cleanse “Pressed Juicery” and I have to be honest, I only completed day one of the cleanse.   I felt exhausted and unmotivated to try another day until I woke up the second day feeling refreshed with a TON of energy.   I did start the second day with the first juice of the day but opted for a lighter meals throughout the day which I guess can be a great thing for someone trying to detox or suppress their usual appetite.   Would I juice again? YES.  But more than a day for me was too much.

In the end…

There’s no proof that eating liquefied fruits and veggies offers an advantage offer the same ingredients in their whole state. If you’d like to increase your intake, try swapping fresh juice for your regular breakfast, or as a mid-afternoon snack. Meanwhile, my opinions is stick to  balanced diet including adequate amounts of fat and protein.
A big claim among juice fasting systems and products is that it will detoxify your body.  Many medical experts disagree with the idea that humans need help detoxifying our bodies. The liver, kidneys and intestines are highly evolved bodily systems that rid us of the toxins we ingest or encounter in the environment. We excrete them in our urine, feces, breath, and sweat.

Lots of people want to make money from your desire to lose weight and get healthy fast. If you buy a pre-made juice cleanse system make sure it is reputable! Check that the produce is carefully cleaned and the juice is made in small fresh batches to avoid bacterial growth. Pasteurized juices are not advised. Follow a “reputable” plan if you are making your own at home.

Any calorie-restrictive diet will lead to some weight loss. Yet your body will respond to prolonged “starvation” with calorie conservation and this can lower your metabolism. If you put your body into starvation mode too often, you risk permanently lowering your metabolism (i.e. metabolic syndrome).
If you have any doubts that a juice cleanse is right for your body, please check with your physician.

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