by The Fit Girl Reporter on
August 1, 2015

Not All Beverages Are Created Equally

When being healthy, getting on a good regiment isn’t only about your food and training: watching your liquid intake is important too. Most people are completely unaware that they are drinking a majority of their calories.

Espresso machine making coffee in pub, bar, restaurantSome sources of these calories may include juices, sports drinks, sodas, fruit smoothies, alcohol, and most notoriously, coffee.

Most of these drinks contains empty calories with a ton of sugar and carbs, so it’s important to watch out for them.

One fifth of average Americans consume about 2000 calories daily from drinks alone. This adds up quickly. Did you know that 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat?
Granted, some of these drinks may have added, beneficial nutrients, but usually the amount is so low that they don’t counteract the negative elements. Make sure to read labels to prevent this from happening.

JUICES: Most juices are not 100% juice, meaning they contain mostly sugar and water, along with added color and flavoring.

SPORTS DRINKS: These drinks are just like juices with the added sugar and carbs, except for the very few that have low calories. Most athletes do need the extra calories and electrolytes in order to recover and avoid dehydration. The average athlete trying to get or stay lean can get these nutrients and rehydrate from regular food and water.

SODAS: Even though diet sodas may seem calorie free, they are known to contribute to cravings for a sweet tooth.

FRUIT SMOOTHIES: Most fruit smoothies range from 350-700+ calories. Also, their antioxidants and essential fiber decrease after the fruit has been juiced. If you love them, making your own without adding extra juice can make them become a meal replacement.

ALCOHOL: It increases appetite and your chances of choosing foods higher in calories that you normally wouldn’t eat.

FANCY COFFEES: Fancy coffees mean extra calories from added creamers, sugar, whipped creams, syrups, etc. With all those added ingredients, your fancy coffee can be up to 700+ calories (more than an average meal). On the other hand, a plain cup of coffee without sugar, cream, or other additives, is only 2 calories per serving.

These drinks aren’t always bad, but it’s important to consume drinks in moderation. These drinks might just be the culprit that’s stopping you from losing weight or seeing results from your workouts. Cutting just one of these drinks out of your typical diet can make all the difference after a few weeks. Knowledge is power and knowing what’s in your drinks may help you make adjustments to reach your goals faster or allow you to make wiser choices when choosing your drink of choice.

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