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March 29, 2016

Skin Care: Back to the Basics

Summer is around the corner and that can only mean one thing! Now is the best time of year to revamp, revise and recommit to your skin care goals and regimen. Why do I love summer so much…well aside from beaches and the amazing weather, it’s the perfect time to get our skin ready for the harmful UV rays. Get control over your acne prone skin, or lift, tighten and turn back the hands of time.
Some may say it would take a miracle to help their skin…I say, much like anything we do, it takes a daily commitment. So let’s strip down your daily skin devotions and make sure you are making the grade!

1. Cleansing

Some might say this is obvious…but did you know there are some key points that need to be addressed? Did you know:

If you are wearing makeup, you will need to cleanse twice…once to remove the makeup, once to clean your skin.

Makeup removing wipes ALWAYS need to be followed with cleansing because these wipes will leave a residue irritating detergents on the skin. (My Top Secret Skin Tip #1: don’t waste your money on facial cleansing wipes…fragrance free baby wipes are cheaper and do a better job!)

Scrubbing, Buff-Puffing and Clarisonic-ing your skin WILL not give you a deeper clean and in many cases it will actually make skin conditions worse (most acne, melasma, rosacea, etc.) Although I occasionally recommend a gentle scrub for home use, it is only to be used with gentle hands and NOT with the intention to deep cleanse.

Use your toner. I know it just sits in your bathroom. But it really does have a purpose! Your toner will restore the pH balance of the skin…which is also known as your acid mantle. Our skin is incredibly smart! It actually produces it’s own front line of defense against bacteria or infections, which is comprised of our own natural oil and sweat produced by our skin called the acid mantle. However, when we wash our skin and rinse it with tap water, it strips our skin of this protective measure. The quickest way to restore your pH balanced acid mantle is by using your toner! Aside from protecting your skin, pH balanced skin is prepped and ready to fully accept the active ingredients in your skin care products so you will reap the maximum benefit! Without using a toner, the skin will be more apt to reject the precious nutrients or actives as it is “feeling too vulnerable”.

My favorite cleanser?
Emme Diane Gentle Foaming Facial Wash

Chady’s favorite Toner?
Emme Diane Brighten Up Toner or Calm Down Toner

2. Prevention
If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, if could not be more true than with your skin. Our skin is exposed to so much every day…sun damage, pollution, free radicals. And all of this exposure is what causes 90% of skin aging (only 10% is genetic). So, exactly how do we prevent all of this damage to our skin? I have one word for you…antioxidants! Just as we think of antioxidants protecting our bodies, antioxidants protect our skin. It is truly the closest thing to taking out an insurance policy on the skin!One of the best anti-oxidants for the skin, Vitamin C, actually acts as a powerhouse with your sunscreen to help prevent sun damage! So be sure to wear your best protection daily, like our Emme Diane C-Clearly Serum Vitamin C Serum, which is a MUST in Chady’s skin care regimen!


3. Treatment

This is what summer is really about…bringing out the big guns of skin transformation! Whether it’s acne, last years sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles or dull skin that concerns you…this is the step you DO NOT want to overlook!
In order to make visible and lasting change to the skin, we need to work on a cellular level. To get to this cellular level, we need to enlist workhorses like:
resurfacing serums such as retinol, vitamin A, glycolic, salicylic, mandolin. Blemish busters such as benzoyl peroxide or sulphur.
And brightening and lightening serums such as kojic acid, azelaic acid or hydroquinone.

Because of the nature of these active ingredients, it is best to have them professionally recommended as you will generally need to acclimate your skin to them so that you don’t experience excessive dryness or irritation. Also, keep in mind that HOW you use these ingredients can truly make it or break it as far as your results are concerned, so be sure to precisely follow the instructions from your esthetician!

The Emme Diane collection of treatment products includes anti-aging retinols, skin renewing fruit acids, pigment correcting serums and many others. (Word of Caution: Because these types of ingredients tend to be sun sensitizing, they need to be used with caution if you are out in the sun a lot or aren’t extremely diligent with your sunscreen use.)

4. Moisturize/Hydrate
The simple step of moisturizing your skin properly is absolutely essential to getting that sought-after glowing skin. But there is a huge difference in how we quench the thirst of the skin…and it all depends on what type of skin you have.

Did you know your skin could be water dry, oil dry or both? If you have ever experienced the phenomenon of slathering on layer after layer of cream and STILL feeling dry and tight OR if your skin is super, duper oily and you still get flakey, dry skin…then you need to read this!

First, let’s break down the different types of dry skin:

Water Dry (Dehydrated) Skin: This skin condition lacks water moisture. It is not necessarily indicative of how much water you drink, although if your body is dehydrated, your skin will typically follow suit. This condition can be experienced by anyone, which means your skin type can be oily, dry or combination and still be dehydrated. This condition can come and go depending on your environment/climate/season, using products that are drying on the skin, airplane travel, etc. This skin condition is usually recognized as feeling/looking tight, crepey, flakey and possibly itchy.

The best way to combat water dry (dehydrated skin) is by using products that contain humectants, such as sodium hyaluronate (a.k.a. hyaluronic acid) which is like a big drink of water for the skin. Then, be sure you seal in the water moisture with the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

My favorite humectants?

Emme Diane Dew Drops, which is a hyalurionic acid serum that acts like a big drink of water for dry or mature skin types

Emme Diane Skin Quencher, which is an ultra-hydrating gel, perfect for restoring water moisture for all skin types, especially sensitive or acne prone skin

Oil Dry Skin: This skin type is lacking it’s own oil production. This is an actual skin type that you have had from birth. You will usually feel dry all over (hands, scalp, body). Unfortunately, this skin type is more susceptible to premature aging as oil moisture keeps the skin lubricated, protected and the skin cell working most efficiently. This skin type is usually recognized as feeling/looking dull and lack-luster.

The best way to combat dry skin is by using emollient-rich moisturizers on top of a humectant. By sealing in the water moisture with an emollient rich moisturizer will not only combat the dehydration in the skin but replace the much needed oil moisture to soften and lubricate the skin.

My favorite emollient rich moisturizer?

Emme Diane Hydraluxe, which is an ultra-hydrating creme that is perfect for even the driest skin types.

Emme Diane Safe Haven Lotion, which is a lighter, yet still hydrating lotion for oilier skin types.

5. Protect

This step is all about Sunscreen. 90% of aging is caused by environmental factors and UV radiation and only 10% is genetic. This means your have tons of control over how rapidly your skin ages! Your best bet is to use SPF everyday, rain or shine.

Look for the active ingredients “zinc oxide” and “titanium dioxide” in your sunscreen for the best protection and don’t forget to reapply regularly!

Chady’s absolute favorite product? Emme Diane Tinted Mineral SPF

To find out more about Emme Diane skin care products, facial treatments or skin coaching for long distance clients, go to or send a note to

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